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Thank you for visiting the site of the Maple Leaf Park Lineball Tournament.  

From the handful of players who attended the first tournament in 1980, lineball has grown to test the limits of the small 38-acre private recreation park that the sport calls home.  People come from all over the Midwest to compete in the tournaments at Maple Leaf Park in Earlville, IL.  


January 1st 2015 The stat database and leaders page has been updated up through 2014. I will update some of the other pages in a little bit.

Lineball news letter 2012


October 30th: I updated the stat database and leaders page from this last tournament because the Bears have a bye this week. I do plan on updating some other things soon.

There was an exciting finish in extra innings in the final game with Scott of Betty Ford hitting a game winning home run over the first time team, Alpha Dogs. Congratulations to Betty Ford for your first ever tournament win.

Milestones from this last tournament are:
-Murph hitting a second best ever .833 this year
-Murph joining the ranks of .800+ year hitters. There are 5 total now
-Chris S. broke into the top 10 home run hitters of all time
-Murph is has reached 1500 liftetime at bats (longevity is good)
-Murph is 6 hits away from 1000 career hits.

This is the year of the Murph milestone. Let me know if you see something impressive that I missed.

August 17th, 2011: The next tournament starts Friday, September 16th.

September 26th: The tournament is over with an exciting finish. The Thrashers, after losing the first game of the tournament went on to eliminate 4 teams to get to the finals against the 69ers.

After winning the first game, the Thrashers' comeback was halted 2 runs shy. Congratulations to the 69ers who beat the Thrashers 16-14 in the final game.

The stat database and leaders have been updated. Notable changes include:

- A new leader in "Best AVG for a year", Greg of Dyslexic
- Dan of the 69ers has joined the ranks of lifetime 700 hitters (only 4)
- Greg of the 69ers is 2 away from 1500 lifetime hits
- Jay of the 69ers is 12 away from 1000 lifetime hits
- Mike of Betty Ford has joined the ranks of 50+ lifetime homeruns
- Brian of the 69ers now has an 800+ AVG year

Expect more updates to come in the coming weeks. Thanks again!

August 17, 2010: Date of the next tournament: September 17th - 19th, 2010.

July 18th, 2010: The next event is coming up. The stat database has been updated.

August 29th: We are drawing near to the 2009 tournament. The games are played the weekend of September 18th to September 20th. The community page will be opened, but if there is too much spam, I'll have to think of a new way to do this, something requiring my confirmation before a post is made public.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you all.

June 19th, 2009: The pictures we are still looking for, but here are some temporary stats to keep you occupied. The database and leaders pages are also updated. Enjoy!

November 29th: Well here it is, the grand finale of 2007. The 2007 picture gallery and 2007 statistics/results... enjoy. See you all next year!

September 28th: The stats for 2007 have been entered into the stat database, and the leaders have been updated. Also, the tournament page has been updated.

September 24th: The 2007 tournament is now over. Chris, Jon, Nate, Kevin, and Bill of No Excuses are the new champions.

The stats have been collected, and something has occurred that has never happened before, a player has won the triple crown. Brian of the 69ers won batting average, home runs, and RBI's. Defensive voting saw only one winner this year, and that is Mike of Betty Ford with four votes. This was the first year to have a skills competition where all of the players took turns hitting at regions across the field of verying difficulty and points. The 10 semi-finalists met on Sunday. The top four (Murph of The Immortals, Greg of The Immortals, Bob of The Big Ballers, and Chris of No Excuses) faced off later on in the day with Chris winning it all.

Congratulations to all of the winners.

For fun the All-Lineball Teams have been formed.

September 5th: There was a problem with the community page, which is now fixed.

August 12th: With the tournament one month away (September 14th,15th, and 16th) I have taken the liberty of redesigning and updating the leaders page.

Check it out.

April 28th: The site is being redesigned. Please be patient.

November 24th: The 2006 stats are now ready... enjoy!

November 20th: The pictures for 2006 are up. Stay tuned for the stats in a week or so.

October 1st: Happy October. The stats have been calculated and the database has been updated. Two Deadmen lead in hitting with Bruce winning his second batting title. Two '9ers follow them, and The Doctor finishes up the top five.

Chris of the Deadmen and Rob of The Brew Crew tied for defensive player of the year, each getting six votes. Tied for second place getting four votes each are Pat (Dazed & Confused), Chris S. (Big Ballers), Brian (Isotopes), and Mike (All In).

Dan of the niners and Josh W. of Last Call won the home run title with four.

Statistically Last Call had the best defense, giving up an average of only four runs per game. The Big Ballers, 69ers, and NTAC also had impressive defenses, giving up around eight runs per game.

The best offense was The 69ers scoring 16 runs per game, then Last Call with 13 runs per game, and finally The Deadmen scoring 12 per game.

Congratulations to all of the leaders.

September 24th: The tournament was a success. We were able to get all of the games in before the rain.

Last Call lost its first game but was able to make it all the way to the championship. They were only one hit away from losing on two separate occasions, but were able to beat the Dead Men to win the tournament.

The defensive players of the year for 2006 are Chris(Dead Men) and Rob(Brew Crew).

We haven't gone through all the info yet. There is much more to come...

August 29th: Hello, the next tournament is September 15th, 16th, and 17th. We are still discussing a couple of ideas which would mean a significant change to the tournament.

1. A community team that would be made up of players from any team not playing in the current game- This team would fight its way through the tournament like any other team. This would mean players get to play with different players. What I really like about it is that the more serious players from teams that lose early on Sunday will have a chance to play in more intense games. It sucks being finished at 11:15am on Sunday.

2. A defensive player of the year- This could mean either taking stats for defense (attempts vs. catches), and would introduce the concept of errors into lineball (which we don't keep track of). I don't mind calling them when I judge the game, but I don't know about other people. Otherwise, we can just pick the best three defenders in order for each game, give them points, then add them up to find the winner.

What do you think?

July 6th, 2006: Good day, it's been a long time, but it's time to start thinking about lineball again. I finally got around to making the msgboard page. Although it's not a full message board, you can find a team for yourself or bring up new ideas to be used in the upcoming tournament ... peace out.

December 21st: Although I wish I was still snowboarding I have returned with three roles of film. This was the best powder I have ever seen. Check out the pictures here.

December 14th: Take care everyone. I will be snowboarding in Colorado for the next five days.

December 3rd: The game my group has worked the entire semester on is finally finished with great success. Download it by clicking here.

November 15th: I spent the whole day at home doing my art history paper. In the process, at least I got a chance to watch Prison Break, McNabb getting hurt, and as much as I could bear of the Bulls game.

The Todd Era gets interrupted as both the 69ers and myself find the tournament for the first time as told by Mr. Urso.

October 30th: The Sox had no trouble in the playoffs, so my attention is drawn to the Bears. Today they defeated the Lions in overtime. It seems they will probably win the division.

The Todd Years are showcased on the Commish's Page. I wasn't even alive back then, but it must have been nice to see the 69ers lose once in a while.

The Stat Database now includes the 2005 stats.

October 12th: There is some new 16'' softball history added to the Commissioner's Page.

The sox pulled off an important victory today!

October 9th: I have been busy working on a project for school. It is a 3d game programming class. The grade depends on how fun your group's game is at the end of the semester. I am the artist in my group. The full game will be available on the team's website by November.

Anyway, here is what you have all been waiting for: Team Stats.

September 28th: The full schedule and results are now available from the 2005 Stat Page.

September 27th: There is now a new section from the commissioner, Bruce Urso. Reminiscing with the Commish (year one) has been added.

September 25th: Been busy working a 3d model for my zombie game for cs426. I just received the Sunday game sheets in the mail. Now I can do the full stats.

September 23rd: Chris U., center man for Redemption, and Chris S. on the line for the Big Ballers were nominated for defensive player of the year bringing the total to six.

The team stats will be available soon.

September 22nd: The pictures from the recent tournament are now available here. Although only a few games are covered, I am always on the lookout for new pictures.

After looking over the stats for the past week, it pains me that there are no defensive stats or awards. This is such an important part of the game. The 69ers are a well oiled machine both offensively and defensively. Some of the catches by Brian and Craig were shocking. It was hard to tell if the ball hit the ground or not.

Tony and Matt, the front line on SDM took that position to a whole new level. They were weaving back and forth, with good hands and good reflexes, constantly throwing my team off. Also, I believe it is their first lineball tournament. Well done, guys.

If you would like to nominate someone for defensive player(s) of the year, please leave a message on the contact page. I will add a poll for this later.

September 19th: The individual stats for 2005 are now available here.

September 18th, 2005: The 2005 Lineball Tournament is now over. Thanks to all who helped make the tournament a success, and Congratulations to the 69ers for winning yet another tournament victory against probably the strongest field of teams to date. Most of the teams playing had the ability to win it all this year.

Perhaps the favorite for this tournament was Last Call who cruised to the finals defeating many teams (including the 69ers) on the way. The third place team, Redemption, eliminated the most of any team, after losing their first game and rattling off 4 come-from-behind victories in a row in the loser's bracket. They came short after finally succumbing to the red-hot 69ers. The 69ers played two perfect games in a row against the cooled Last Call to win the tournament.

I will post the final stats and new pictures as soon as I receive them. Please be patient. If you want to see anything else on the site, leave a message by clicking on the contact link.



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